Leaning Leaf Table by Duncan Meerding

Flat-Pack Design

The Leaning Leaf Table has been designed as a user-friendly flat pack system in order to reduce the cost of shipping and its effect on the environment. The term ‘flat-pack’ often evokes the image of furniture made out of cheap materials with a box-like pattern. In contrast, the Leaning Leaf Table has been shaped from solid Tasmanian Eucalyptus, chosen both for its durability and its sustainability credentials. The sleek modern lines employed in this iconic design, give the viewer the illusion that the Leaning Leaf Table is compiled of floating components. The curves, inspired by natural forms, are used to relax the user through sight, but also encourage the user to run their hands over the object.

Includes: Flat pack fixtures with custom-made steel brackets

Dimensions: 865 x 440mm

Materials: Tasmanian Eucalyptus and custom made bracket system


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