Eve Howard Ceramic Marsupial

Gorgeous handmade ceramic marsupials by Eve Howard.

Each piece is unique and measures roughly 10cm high and 30cm long.

Photos are indicative only. Each piece is slightly different... but gorgeous !

About Eve Howard

Eve Howard is a ceramic sculptor. Working full time from her studio in South Eastern Tasmania and producing a range of sculptural pieces inspired by her wild island home.

Eve continues her major ongoing exploration of birds, in particular the sea birds that live around Tasmania.

Her studio is at the edge of the water at Sommers Bay, a beautiful place filled throughout the year with an ever changing array of bird life. 

People connect directly and immediately with Eve’s work. Her poetic pieces resonate with sincerity, warmth and a delightful simplicity of line and form.

 The joyous nature of her work has ensured that it ‘takes off’ from this remote beautiful island and travels the world, creating a connection with people that is global.

‘My Environment is my stimulus. The southwest wind that blows into our bay, the birds that fish when the wind picks up.

 The delicate balance of land and sea creatures that inhabit the same places I do. Watching how nature plays out amongst the banksias and bull oaks, I am capturing the feeling of my life here at home, the beauty and importance of belonging.’


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