As a Tasmanian textile artist I am embedded in the Tasmanian landscape. The journey begins with the foraging for the unique leaves of the Tasmanian eucalypts. The quality of colour and intensity of imprint found in the artworks is affected by the unique climate and growth qualities of Tasmania.

The studio is in the Huon Valley at Franklin, I am surrounded with an abundance of eucalyptus such as Black Peppermints, Heartleaf gum, Tasmanian Blue Gum, Yellow Gum, Stingybark, Spinning Gum, White Peppermint, Risdon Peppermint, Candlebark, Silver Peppermint, Urn Gum, and White Gum. These form the basis of the dye prints on wool and cashmere.

The scarves at Wild Island Gallery represent a selection of eco prints from eucalypts that represent the essence of the Tasmanian landscape found in the south east of the State.

The distinctive smell of Australian Eucalypts and the renewable fibre of wool; these two sources marry together into distinctively crafted shawls and scarves. All naturally dyed. The alchemy of the brewing pot allows for the serendipity of the process.

Enjoy the scarves, explore their details and feel both their warmth and sink into their unique designs, as no two are the same.


About The Designer - Linda Chee

I have a background in Visual Arts teaching for 35 years in a variety of situations both in Australia and overseas. Writing Visual Arts curriculums and publishing books for teaching in Visual Arts. It is from this background that my interest grew for eco dyeing. During my teaching career I started learning this process and spent a lot of time experimenting and creating a signature style, which is found in the hand knitted artwear created as ‘one off’ designs.