Hanna Woolley

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Hanna mixes the age-old tradition of wet felting with a modern twist. Capturing natures’ textures and patterns using natural fibres, both her stylised and abstract pieces will lure you into a tactile experience. The hangings are layered with superfine merino wool, high lustre silk, cotton and sustainable threads such as sari silk waste and ethically sourced cocoons.

Hanna’s inspiration is drawn from beach combing, rock pools and the whimsy of lichens and mosses that are observed, thoughtfully collected, and treasured while taking walks with her family around the East Coast of Tasmania. Forest colours are highlighted and reflected throughout the exhibition.

About the Artist

Hanna grew up trawling wool shops and fabric shops with her creative mum and showed an appreciation for crafting at a young age. Hanna was introduced to felting by a friend when both of their first borns were babies. It quickly became an interest and then a hobby with a few commissioned scarves. She began exploring larger wall hangings and chunky wraps.

The first exhibition titled Mulberry was held in 2014 at ‘Waubs Bay, a Gallery’, in her home town of Bicheno. The inspiration and theme of this body of work was to highlight the silk worm living off mulberry leaves. 

The second exhibition was held at Limerence in Belgrave, Victoria. Titled Littoral Senses it was to invoke beach combing and nature being washed up between high and low tides. It was also a chance to bring the east coast of Tasmania to the mainland hills.

All of Hanna’s fibre work has been self taught with lots of trial and error and fine tuning.

Inspiration is found through her love for both the bush and the beach and living in Tasmania. She loves sharing this with her young children and they are often on call to lend a hand when Hanna felts, making it a much more family friendly activity. They take particular interest in the ‘throwing’ of the felt with soap flying around the room accompanied with giggling children.


Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Fibre and Light (alongside Duncan Meerding)

Group Exhibitions:

2016 Wild Winter