Helen Barnard

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 Artist Statement

I moved to Tasmania in 2011 and was enchanted and inspired by the beautiful and unique flora and fauna on this fascinating wild island. It evoked a curiosity and want to explore and understand this new landscape and it’s inhabitants - there is always something different and surprising. I picked up a brush after years of neglecting to remember the enjoyment in the hours spent as a child drawing the natural world. I am particularly interested in studying and painting birds, although they are all around us, and live worldwide, they are incredibly diverse; some delicate and tiny, some huge and graceful, or noisy and hilarious - but always, the closer you look the more you see. I get drawn in to this kind of detailed work and love painting them.

Birds are a good connection between the human world and the wild world, they are not afraid to come into our gardens and our space, they live alongside us or they go back into the bush, or up into the sky.

I hope my work invites people to take a moment, see something that they hadn’t noticed before. I hope it gives the viewer an admiration for the birds depicted, and it reminds them of a place or an experience and of their connection with nature, and to think about the world we exist in.

I have been painting in watercolour (specifically wildlife) since 2011. My first exhibition Bird Nerd: Exploring Tasmania’s Avifauna was in 2013 at INKA Gallery in Hobart. I have created a range of products (cards and prints) from my work, supplied through various retail outlets in Tasmania, under the name The Little Wren. I donate to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal, have provided artwork to raise money for the Save the Orange Bellied Parrot appeal and contributed to work to the Birdsong - A Celebration of Bruny Island Birds.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Once Upon A Branch


The Little Wren