Amongst The Undergrowth

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September 11 - October 6

The collection of charcoal on paper works, with their monochromatic styling, are bold and moody, with an air of chaos. It is only upon delving deeper 'Amongst The Undergrowth' that we can see the beauty and serenity of these WILD places.

Jenny has also included a 'Myrtle Forest Cobweb' lino print piece, as well as two acrylic on clayboard works to complete the exhibition. 

"Spending time alone and drawing trees in the landscapes that gave rise to them – be it the Victorian Mallee or the highlands of Tasmania – allows me to concentrate on not just the beauty of the Australian bush, but also on what is often overlooked: the layers of chaos (and order) and the lives that are lived there. This is what I care about and what enriches my life" - Jenny Burnett, 2015.