Michael Weitnauer

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Michael Weitnauer is a prominent Tasmanian painter who has established a dedicated following around Australia and overseas.

Weitnauer has painted in the representational and abstract format for over twenty years. His representational landscape works have increasingly, over the years, veered subtly towards having a more abstract feeling to them, which is a noticeable influence spilling over from his interest in pure abstract work. Interestingly, his abstract paintings are equally influenced by his representational images, and are often an extrapolation of the representational form of the landscape image, stripped of its recognisable motifs and expressed purely as an experience of colour and abstract form.

In the past twenty four years, Weitnauer has held 43 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 25 group shows around Australia and overseas. In this time, he has also won and been a finalist in numerous major art awards, including The Glover Prize, The Hutchins Art Prize, and The Wrest Point Art Award.

His paintings are held in private, corporate and institutional collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Singapore, Canada, USA, the UK and throughout Europe.


Solo Exhibitions

2015 Island Splendour (combined exhibition with Simon Olding)

Group Exhibitions

2015/2016 Summer Exhibition

2016 Wild Winter