Rob Blakers

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Rob Blakers  (1957- ) completed a biological science degree in Canberra before moving to Hobart in 1980, where he worked with the Wilderness Society in the campaign to prevent the damming of the Franklin River. This was an extraordinary time in the lives of many people, and a campaign that was ultimately successful in its aim of protecting much of Tasmania’s southwest wilderness as a World Heritage Area.

In over 30 years of professional life as a photographer since Rob has continued to work with the natural landscape, specifically focusing on photography as a means to highlight Tasmania’s magnificent natural heritage.

His work features in numerous publications and a selection of fine-crafted, archival digital prints has been available since 2006. These images, many presented as large stretched canvases, have been exhibited in galleries throughout Australia and are held in private collections across the world.

Rob currently photographs with a medium format digital system.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Rock. Ice. Rainforest

Group Exhibitions

2015/2016 Summer Exhibition

2014 Wild Island Opening Exhibition