Tarkine in Motion

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Presented by The Bob Brown Foundation and supported by Wild Island Tasmania.

Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine has Australia’s largest temperate rainforest, an array of pristine streams, ancient mountains and one of the world’s wildest coastlines. One of the last, great wild places on Earth, it is an essential stronghold for rare and endangered creatures.

takayna / Tarkine is under threat from mining, logging and off-road vehicle damage, and The Bob Brown Foundation is campaigning for National Park and World Heritage listing and return to Aboriginal ownership of takayna / Tarkine.

Over the last two years, Tarkine in Motion has brought enormous success to the campaign to protect this wild place. Using images from Tarkine in Motion, the Foundation has published two books. Tarkine Trails, a bushwalking guide, and takayna - a beautiful book about the living Aboriginal cultural connection to this place.

A documentary, concert, federal election poster campaign and exhibitions in Burnie, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have showcased the beautiful works from the project and highlighted the need for protection of this threatened landscape.

About the Artists:

Over a 3-day period each April, 120 artists explore takayna / Tarkine, immersing themselves in the wilderness to create unique works of art - paintings, photographs, films, song, drawings and more - to share with the world.

The selection of pieces here are but a small slice of the creative works borne from last April’s trip, and each artist generously donates a portion from the sale of their work back to The Bob Brown Foundation to support this campaign.

Collectively, their works celebrate the diversity and unique beauty of one of Tasmania’s last truly WILD places.