Birds of Tasmania Australian Wood Duck, Female

Australian Wood Duck, Female

by Sylvie Gerozisis

Pigment ink print on Museo Portfolio Rag 300gsm. 100% Cotton Paper.

Open Edition Print

23x33cm (to suit 11x14" frame)


This duck which is related to pygmy geese, is also known as the Maned Duck, because of the mane along the male’s head and neck, which it can raise or lower.

These ducks mate for life and nest in holes in trees, with the adults encouraging the ducklings to leap out, often from alarming heights, soon after hatching. Otherwise they are excellent parents and protect their young, performing distraction displays such as shamming an injured wing when alarmed, to distract the intruder.

They are becoming increasingly common in Tasmania, where they’re starting to breed in large numbers. Flocks often number in the hundreds and gather in southern districts in autumn and winter. They are grazing birds and can be a nuisance when they feed on crops.

They are particularly fond of perching on fence railings, especially near water, which is where this pair were seen, doing just that.

The pattern is a stylised representation of the small water creatures which frequent the dams and lakes where these ducks like to swim.


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