Halls Buttress by Peter Dombrovskis

Richea scorparia in bloom below Halls Buttress, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania

Image by Peter Dombrovskis uniquely remastered for Wild Island.


Printed by master fine art printer Simon Olding on Canson Platine Fibre Rag, 100% Cotton Rag archival paper.


Morning light brushes multi-coloured flowering stems of the Tasmanian endemic Richea scoparia.

Halls Buttress is located in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, east of Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Claire National Park. The park owes it’s name to an imposing wall of dolerite that rises steeply above a long plateau of alpine wilderness. Beneath the range is a collection of small tarns, cushion plants and stands of Richea scoparia. This plant, while incredibly scratchy and difficult to walk through, displays spectacular white, pink and red, candle-like flowers from September to October. Scoparia in bloom is particularly iconic of Tasmania’s western alpine and subalpine regions. 



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