Myrtle Tree by Peter Dombrovskis

Myrtle tree in rainforest at Mount Anne, southwest Tasmania

Image by Peter Dombrovskis uniquely remastered for Wild Island.

Printed by master fine art printer Simon Olding on Canson Platine Fibre Rag, 100% Cotton Rag archival paper.

Mist envelopes ancient cool temperate rainforest in Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness.

Mt. Anne is the highest mountain in Tasmania’s south west. It is composed of dolerite with a substructure of dolomite. The regions of dolomite contain an extensive cave system, including Anna-a-Kananda cave which is one of the deepest in Australia. The region is the fragile home of many endemic species of alpine flora. The south west hosts stands of ancient Huon pine, forests of sassafras, myrtle, celery-top pine and leatherwood. Numerous species of mosses and lichen detail the temperate rain forests and button grass dominates areas of alpine heath.


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