Garbage Guts

by Heide Auman, PhD

Illustrated by Luminita Cosareanu.


Aria the Albatross has a problem: She and her seabird friends are throwing up our discarded rubbish. Determined to find out why, she sets out on a long-distance flight across the ocean. On her journey, she meets other wildlife troubled by trash. Sea Turtle is choking on a plastic bag, Monk Seal is trapped in a strapping band, and Humpback Whale is tangled in ghost fishing nets.

Aria masters both wind and waves, seeking the causes of marine debris and witnessing its tragic effects. Humans, she learns, are both the culprits and the solution. Learn through the eyes of an albatross as you follow Aria’s adventure while she finds courage and hope amid an ocean of garbage.

The causes and effects of our pollution in oceans are revealed as a compelling message that is not only delightfully illustrated but also poetically memorable. When the result of our collective consumerism ends up fouling some of the most elegant, endangered, and remote-living of wildlife, our sense of responsibility to the oceans and its creatures must be questioned.

Garbage Guts was inspired by Dr Heidi Auman’s research on the effects of marine debris on Midway Atoll’s Laysan albatross.


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