Giant Kelp by Peter Dombrovskis

Giant Kelp on Macquarie Island


Image by Peter Dombrovskis uniquely remastered for Wild Island.

Printed by master fine art printer Simon Olding on Canson Platine Fibre Rag, 100% Cotton Rag archival paper.


Macquarie Island lies in the southwest Pacific Ocean, about half way between New Zealand and Antarctica. Geographically a part of Tasmania it became a State Reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage Area in 1997, although it remained a part of Esperance Municipality until 1993! The island is home to the entire population of royal penguins during their annual nesting season. 

Photographed in 1984, this image depicts giant bull kelp (Durvillaea antarctica) at Hasselborough Bay on the far north coast of Macquarie Island. Giant bull kelp can grow to 20 metres in length, at a rate of up to 60cm per day!


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