Green Rosella by Helen Barnard

Platycercus caledonicus

Green Rosella on Banksia branch

Watercolour on paper

51 x 58cm (framed)


Peg Leg

We had a beautiful property at Bruny Island we sadly sold last year, there were so many bird species at the property and we used to love watching them, especially a flock of Green Rosellas that gathered in our garden, picking seeds and things out of the grass.

One day one of the Green Rosella’s came limping up to our front door, leaving a little trail of blood behind him. We slid open the double doors and he hobbled inside, he tried to fly up, and hit the window, startling himself!

I picked him up and looked at him, instead of a leg he had a bleeding stump, I bathed his leg, disinfected it and dipped it in candle wax to stop the bleeding, I found a little rubber tube and slipped it on to his stump to protect it!

‘Peg Leg’ disappeared for a a while, and we wondered whether he was ok. One day he just showed up again at the sliding doors, we saw him through the glass doors, slid them open and he limped in. He came back to say thanks for looking after him! New friends.

Ray Sawford, Hobart


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