Propeller Pendant Light by Duncan Meerding

Designed as a user-friendly flat pack system in order to reduce the cost of shipping and its effect on the environment, Meshing organic and industrial shapes, These lights cast dramatic shadows through an 8-bladed form. A mix of hand-driven and computer-aided machines have been used in the construction of these lights, which are designed and produced in Tasmania.

The 8 curved blades slot into a custom central bracket and are held in place with small grub screws. The bracket then fixes into a turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap.


Propeller Pendant Light (Open)

Flat-Pack design

Dimensions: 300 x 500mm


Propeller Droop Pendant

Flat-Pack design

Dimensions: 335 x 450mm


Available in powder-coated aluminium or Tasmanian Eucalyptus.

Colours of aluminium available: Textured Silver (Pale Grey) Fleck or Bronze Fleck, other colours available on request.

Both designs include a standard 2 metre long black cloth covered cord, black ceiling rose, custom-made central flat-pack bracket, Edison (E27) style light fixture and turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap.

Designed ready to be wired by a licensed electrician.


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