Stump - Table/Stool/Light by Duncan Meerding

Inspired by long walks in the Tasmanian wilderness, Stump, part of the award-winning Cracked Log light range, mimics our use of stumps as convenient resting places when camping or hiking. The Stumps are multi-functional and can be used as a table, stool or for mood lighting. Each light is crafted from salvaged timber, once destined to be burnt and the warm yellow glow that they emit represents the flames from which they have been spared. Warm LED strip lights within the Stump cast shards of light, instantly transforming the space around it.

Can be used as light, table or stool

Designed for indoor and outdoor use (outdoor use requires wiring by a licensed electrician)

Made from salvaged logs

Stump is ready to be wired to 12 Volt DC power supplies for inside/outside use. Installation by licensed electrician required when hardwiring. Current draw 700mA, voltage 12v DC

Colour Temp: 3000k

Includes: 12 volt LED driver/transformer for indoor use only, custom LED light fixture and keyhole bracket for optionally fixing stump to the ground

Dimensions: 400 x 300mm

Materials: Salvaged radiata pine


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