The Shy Mountain

The Shy Mountain by Donald Knowler

192 pages
Forty South Publishing Pty Ltd

Silent and brooding, the Shy Mountain does not have to speak her name. We know she's there, watching us, even when she chooses to hide beneath a blanket of low cloud. kunanyi / Mount Wellington brings wilderness to the very doorstep of a population, and how many mountains can claim to do that?

As Donald Knowler discovers on a mission to record a year in the life of the 1,271 metre peak, she provides an escape from the human pressures of the city, blunting concrete and glass with leaf and bark. 

kunanyi / Mount Wellington is also a vital refuge for wildlife with strands of the tallest flowering plants known to nature, and bird and animals found nowhere outside Tasmania.

These, and more, are the Shy Mountain's gifts to Hobart.



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