Those Eco-Pirate Kids

by Jon Tucker

Softcover, Illustrated, 190pp

Ages 9+

Young Fin has always been passionate about responsible fishing, so when he discovers an illegal net full of undersized fish in Sydney's northern waterways, his first reaction is to empty it. the subsequent event turns a joint Kiwi-Australian family holiday into a rather more complex experience.

Jon Tucker's sequel to Those Snake Island Kids has been short-listed for The Wilderness Society Environmental Award for Children's Literature in Australia. Underlying it's subtle plea for sustainability is the conclusion that modern children can still find adventure when their parents are prepared to give them a little trust and freedom.

"..... if we put our kids in mothballs and don't let them out of our sight then they'll never get to learn their limitations. They won't learn to respect water or gravity or speed or fire if they only have virtual games to play from the safety of a computer desk. There's no re-play button in realy life."


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