Hobi Ultrasonic Animal Alert

Warn wildlife of your oncoming vehicle - day or night. Road tested and proven effective, the HOBI® Ultrasonic Animal Alert is the ultimate in animal protection. Designed to warn animals of an approaching vehicle, this device is activated by wind flowing through it, at speeds over 50 km/h. The ultrasonic HOBI® Alert transmits a high frequency whistle which alerts most wildlife of your oncoming vehicle. 

No damage to your car, and no harm to the animal. Manufactured in Canada, the HOBI® Ultrasonic Animal Alert was originally designed for used against large animals such as elk and deer, but can be applied to all Australian marsupials, large and small. Even birds fly away from the high frequency sound. 

There is no audio discomfort for people and animal passengers inside the vehicle. The HOBI® whistle is ready to mount with a self adhesive base and has countersunk holes in the base for screw mounting if required. The entire assembly can be taken apart for easy cleaning.


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