Wes The Wildlife Adventurer

by Sylvia Berger

Illustrated by Scotty O'Leary

“Imagine washing under a waterfall and welcoming each new day with wallabies and wombats by your side! That’s what Wes the Wildlife Adventurer did. What a wonderful way to live!”

Wes is an ordinary man with an extraordinary life. He spends much of it in the wild, climbing mountains by day and sleeping under the stars at night.

Published by Appin Hall Children's Foundation, Respite Centre, Tasmania.

Appin Hall Children’s Foundation has been the grateful recipient of numerous fundraising efforts by Wes, a guide in our heritage parks, which has forged a strong relationship and seen Wes become an ambassador for the Foundation.

“Wes is an extraordinary man with a very big heart and an empathy for Nature,” says storyteller, Sylvia Berger. “So Appin Hall decided to create a children’s book about Wes’s unusual lifestyle which also displays his deep respect for, and knowledge about, the natural world.


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