'West of the Kiwirrkura Community' by Walangkura Napanangka Wirrulnga

acyrlic on linen. 61.5 x 91 cm 


Provenance: Papunya Tula Artists

 This painting depicts the rockhole site of Wirrulnga, situated in a rocky outcrop, east of Kiwirrkura Community. An old woman, Kutungka Napanangka, stopped and drank from the rockhole during her travels from the west. She then continued her journey to Malparingya, north-west of Kintore Community and visited the site of Tjintjintjin where there is an underground cave, also the soakage water sites of Ngatanga and Yaranga which are all west of Mantati Outstation, which is approximately seventy kilometres west of the Kintore Community. She then travelled further east to Muruntji, south-west of Mt. Liebig. At Muruntji she was accosted by one of a group of boys so she chased them and caught all but the culprit who managed to escape. She killed the others and cooked them in a fire. She then travelled to Kaltarra where she entered the earth. The grid like pattern represents the sandhills found around the site.


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